PLC Agenda Overview


Example Meeting Agenda

Each MavECHS grade level team meets every Tuesday after school as a PLC to discuss student support. The agendas are in OneNote and include the following:

Socio-Emotional Support – Our MavECHS Counselor list students who are struggling at home – McKinney Vento, family issues, etc. if they are pertinent to a student's educational success.

Academic Support – We discuss all students who are not passing. We have a magnetic wall with names on magnets that we move to show how many classes with which students are struggling. 

TSI – List of students who need to test – what subject and when

College Visits – Update once a semester on which colleges we will visit

Safety Plans – Updates on ALICE training, command center/cameras, procedures for Covid-19 Safety

Team Roles with weekly updates added:

  • Fundraisers - Pam Maxwell, Mike LaTouche & Diana Landa
  • Parent Partnership, College Visits - Jenifer Boyd & Diana Landa
  • Public Relations Lead - Carrie Burge & Ashley Del Bosque 
  • Data - Courtney Belcik & Joanna Blansett
  • Service Learning - Wendy Caldwell & Debbie Purdy