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Schedule Changes

 Schedule Change

Leveling Down Pre-AP AP

  • Level down forms may be obtained from the testing coordinators beginning 9/6, however students are not to be leveled down until the end of the 1st 6 weeks (9/23). 

  • All level down forms must be signed by the parent, student and teacher. 

  • Counselors can not level a student down unless signed off by Mrs. Lair on the form to ensure accuracy of our exam order.

  • If a student doesn’t level down at the first 6 weeks, the next available time frame to level down will be at the end of 1st semester.

Steps for students to follow if they wish to level down:

  1. Speak with their AP teacher about their concerns.

  2. Obtain a form from the testing office beginning 9/6.

  3. Have parents & teacher sign the form.

  4. Return the form to me prior to 9/23.

  5. I sign off, cancel the exam order & give the form to the AMAZING counseling team for a schedule change beginning 2nd 6 weeks.  

Counselor's Mission Statement

The mission of the Pasadena Memorial High School Counseling program is to foster academic excellence, social and emotional development, and college/career readiness creating contributing citizens of global society!

Who are We?

Mrs. Erica CarrollLead  Last Names Starting with A-B, Z & 12th Grade Liaisons
Mrs. Dolly Markel: Last Names Starting with C-F & 11th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Arlene Hernandez: Last Names Starting with G-J & 10th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Marissa Garcia: Last Names Starting with K-N & 9th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Lakeitha Kirven: Last Names Starting with O-R & 9th Grade Liaison

Mrs. Hortensia Melchor: Last Names Starting with S-Y & 12th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Maricela Escamilla: Special Education Support Grades 9-12

Mrs. Tara Evans: College and Career Coordinator
Mrs. Laura Milam: Early College Counselor

Community Service

If you are looking for/interested in Community Service Hours or need to pick up extra forms, please stop by the Counseling Office and speak with Ms. Elisa Zavala. You may also email her at [email protected].