Who is my child's Counselor?

Please see the Counselor's Corner page for list of the counselors by Grade Level and Last Name. 

How does my student get referred to the counselor?

Students can see their counselor via self-referral, parental request, request of the counselor, administrative referral, and/or teacher or staff referral.


How do parents contact the counselor?

Parents can reach a school counselor through email (see the Counselor's Corner or Staff page for emails) or by calling the school (713-740-0390) to request an appointment.

Why would my child see a counselor?

Students may be referred to the school counselor if there are concerns that are inhibiting their learning here at school. Some concerns, but not limited to are: behavioral difficulties, social/emotional concerns, conflict with peers, attendance concerns and academic concerns.

How can I/my child change my schedule for the 2020/2021 School year?

Please contact your child's counselor.