PLC Agendas


  • Start at 2:45 and end at 3:45
  • Stay on task
  • Focus on solutions not problems
  • Everyone has a voice
  • Be respectful when others are sharing
  • Bring appropriate materials/devices
  • Read necessary material before hand

Socio-Emotional Support – We list students who are struggling at home – McKinney Vento, family issues, etc.

Academic Support – we discuss all students who are not passing. We have a magnetic wall with names on magnets that we move to show how many classes with which students are struggling. We also have past grades, TSI and PSAT scores posted in the PLC room so that we can get an overview of students who need extra support.

TSI – List of students who need to test – what subject and when

College Visits – update once a semester on which college we will visit

Safety Plans – updates on ALICE training, command center/cameras, procedures

Team Roles with weekly updates added:

  • Fundraiser Lead - Pam Maxwell & Mike LaTouche
  • Parent Partnership, College Visits - Dolores Gonzalez & Karmen Sanders
  • Public Relations Lead - Carrie Burge & Janice Didier
  • Data - Kayla Hart & Courtney Belcik
  • Service Learning - Wendy Green & Debbie Purdy