Course Registration

Due to the unforeseen winter storm, the 2021-2022 Course Request Verification Window had to be postponed and will now remain open between:

Friday February 26 & Tuesday March 2

Both Parents/Guardians and Students can review, however, students do not have the verification feature within their own account, so parents/guardians will need to verify all course requests. Follow the instructions provided to review student requests. Choose one of the following actions:

  1. Verify Requests


  2. Use this link to submit change requests to your future counselor

Change Request Examples Include:

  • Changing an Elective Choice
  • Increasing Academic Rigor (Moving from on-level courses to PAP or AP courses)
  • Decreasing Academic Rigor (You wish to level down from PAP or AP courses into on level courses)

If you are a Rising 11th or 12th grade ECHS student, you need only verify your electives.

***Please note your counselor may make changes to your requests based on graduation requirements, present levels of performance and course availability. Change requests are not automatically granted. End of day March 2 the window will be closed and no additional change requests will be accepted.***

Parent Registration Instructions English
Parent Registration Instructions Spanish