Academic Resume

Why you need an Academic Resume

You're only as good as you look on paper!

An academic resume is an awesome tool in which you can impress on paper. Some examples of how you would use an academic resume would be"

  • Information you would give to a teacher, counselor, boss, administrator or whoever you think could write you a great recommendation letter.  

  • It will be a great foundation for any essay you may have to write about yourself. 

  • Most scholarships ask that you attach your academic resume to your application. 

  • To help prepare for interviews.

  • You must keep this information up to date to properly reflect your accomplishments. 

Your academic resume is a summary of your high school "career" and "accomplishments." Taking the time to create an academic resume has several benefits. It allows you to decide which accomplishments to highlight. Having all the information already collected in one place will make completing college and scholarship application much easier.

Helpful Tips:

  • Begin creating your academic resume your 9th grade year. 

  • Update your resume every semester.

  • Make yearly goals and be conscious of every opportunity that will make you shine. 


Academic Resume Template


Academic Resume Template


Academic Resume Template


Academic Resume Template
Academic Resume Senior Example 1
Academic Resume Senior Example 2