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Schedule Changes

Unfortunately, we are unable to complete any elective changes at this time. The deadline for schedule changes has expired and all student schedules have been finalized. Teacher needs are based on requests so no accommodations will be made unless there has been a scheduling error or you are seeking to increase rigor by leveling up to a PAP or AP course. Counselors will ensure you are enrolled in the courses necessary to meet your graduation needs. They are looking forward to working with you this year. Let them know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Leveling Down Pre-AP AP

  • Level down forms may be obtained from the testing coordinators beginning 9/6, however students are not to be leveled down until the end of the 1st 6 weeks (9/23). 

  • All level down forms must be signed by the parent, student and teacher. 

  • Counselors can not level a student down unless signed off by Mrs. Lair on the form to ensure accuracy of our exam order.

  • If a student doesn’t level down at the first 6 weeks, the next available time frame to level down will be at the end of 1st semester.

Steps for students to follow if they wish to level down:

  1. Speak with their AP teacher about their concerns.

  2. Obtain a form from the testing office beginning 9/6.

  3. Have parents & teacher sign the form.

  4. Return the form to me prior to 9/23.

  5. I sign off, cancel the exam order & give the form to the AMAZING counseling team for a schedule change beginning 2nd 6 weeks.  

Counselor's Mission Statement

The mission of the Pasadena Memorial High School Counseling program is to foster academic excellence, social and emotional development, and college/career readiness creating contributing citizens of global society!

Who are We?

Mrs. Erica CarrollLead  Last Names Starting with A-B, Z & 12th Grade Liaisons
Mrs. Dolly Markel: Last Names Starting with C-F & 11th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Arlene Hernandez: Last Names Starting with G-J & 10th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Marissa Garcia: Last Names Starting with K-N & 9th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Lakeitha Kirven: Last Names Starting with O-R & 9th Grade Liaison

Mrs. Hortensia Melchor: Last Names Starting with S-Y & 12th Grade Liaison
Mrs. Maricela Escamilla: Special Education Support Grades 9-12

Mrs. Tara Evans: College and Career Coordinator
Mrs. Laura Milam: Early College Counselor

Community Service

If you are looking for/interested in Community Service Hours or need to pick up extra forms, please stop by the Counseling Office and speak with Ms. Elisa Zavala. You may also email her at [email protected].